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The lovely Dahlia Kurtz was kind enough to have us on her talk show a few days ago, to celebrate the launch of Green Leaf!

Dahlia has had conversations with everyone from Nobel Peace Prize winners to Academy Award winners to Politicians, and to community champions– so saying it was an honour to be on-air with her would obviously be a HUGE understatement.

We spent the half hour talking about small businesses in Winnipeg and the challenges they face when starting up and trying to grow. In addition to offering solutions to these problems, we used the time to highlight some of our team’s strongest points. (If you’ve got it, flaunt it!)

In fact, so much emphasis was put on our awesome team, that Dahlia insisted the recording be named after one of our team members. So if you missed the show, here is “Shelby Olson’s Reference Letter”. Hehe.

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