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We asked…and they listened!

Today marks one of the most exciting days ever for digital marketers and social media enthusiasts.

Hootsuite, a company that has revolutionized the way we communicate through social channels, has announced that they are now adding Instagram to their list of social networks, allowing users to strategically schedule and analyze the performance of their Instagram pictures.

To the casual social media user, this probably doesn’t sound all that exciting, but trust us… it is.

Instagram (along with its co-leading social networks) is completely changing the way we do business. For small businesses especially, it means an opportunity to be found, create brand loyalty, connect with customers, and most importantly, compete with the big guys.

Hootsuite’s announcement brings positive change for Green Leaf too… we are excited to now offer Instagram as an addition to our social media package! Thanks Hootsuite, you rock.

Feeling inspired? If you’re ready to make the change from your old marketing plan and join the social movement, we’re right here to help you get started.

Yes, I’m ready!

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