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Affordable Mobile Friendly Website Design Packages Created Specifically for Small Businesses

With around 80% of customers using a mobile device to view websites, a mobile friendly website design is necessary to stay competitive.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive

Did you know that nearly 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices? That means if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, 1 out of every 2 visitors is going to have a bad experience and likely move on. It also means that less people will find your site because Google recently announced that it is penalizing sites that are not responsive or mobile-friendly. Can you afford to lose 1/2 of your business? Or, what if you could double your traffic and conversions by simply upgrading your site?
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Modern Design

The same website that worked for you in the 90’s won’t work today. In fact, the site that worked well even 2 years ago may not be keeping up with modern internet behavior. The way that people search the web and interact with their favorite companies has changed… Are you changing too?
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SEO Ready

If people can’t find your site online, you may as well just run a yellow pages ad. (Those don’t work anymore, btw.) All of the sites we build for our clients are SEO-friendly and built with the latest search algorithms in mind. If you need to scale up your online marketing, affordable mobile friendly website design packages by Green Leaf are the foundation you’ll need to build on.
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Easy To Manage

Are you still waiting for your webmaster (or nephew) to make changes for you? Are they still charging you for every little update? Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of complicated code. All Green Leaf client sites are built on the WordPress framework and customized so you can easily make the edits you need to keep your site accurate and fresh!
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Why Choose Green Leaf?

Smaller budget. Not ready for more robust branding and marketing strategy yet.


More control over turn around time

Straightforward includes, straightforward pricing

Analytics & beautiful, modern design now. Built in foundation for future strategy & marketing.

Follow our simple, questionnaire documents

Best of both worlds: high Vine (parent company) quality. affordable packages.

Custom help & additions available as needed

We get it. Like you, we’re a passionate, purpose driven company. The problems that you solve for your specific niche are real, provide immense value, and once your dream client engages with you, they’ll be your best advocate… they just need to know you exist.

Recent Designs

Over our careers, members of the Vine/Green Leaf Social Media Team have worked with brands you’re familiar with:

What Our Clients Say

“Hiring Green Leaf to design a website for my speaking, coaching and training business was a dream come true! They took the time to really understand my business, supported me through the entire process and paced the work to match my schedule. I am so pleased to finally have a website that feels deeply authentic, is easy to manage and looks beautiful. One of my top goals this year is to expand my reach globally and deepen my connection with the people who I know I can truly help to make their ‘Dream Beyond the Dream’ come true. Thanks to Green Leaf, my new website is already producing results!”

Jacquie Nagy

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